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Take camera photos of your jewelry so you can prove it is yours if lost and found. That photo might also be handy if you are questioned by customs when traveling internationally.

USA-StatesCheck with your insurance company to ensure you are covered where you are traveling out of the country. The chance of theft is greater outside the country and you do not want to find out the hard way you were not covered by your insurance company.

MuggingWhen traveling out of the country, keep in mind you are a visible target for snatch and grab. Some expensive rings are years of income in some countries and are just too tempting of targets.

When traveling, do not leave your ring by a sink when you wash your hands as you might forget, walk away, and lose it. Bring a polishing cloth or eye glass cleaning cloth to clean before and after you wear your jewelry.

Luggage-checkedWear or carry your jewelry with you, never put them in luggage to be transported by airlines, cruise lines, or other public transportation. Now that luggage must be left unlocked to allow security inspection, the risk of theft or loss when the bag falls open is greater than ever.

Hotel-safeWhen traveling, store unworn jewelry in the hotel’s safe-deposit box. Items left in hotel rooms are an open invitation for theft. Cleaning personnel are in your room when you are not. Doors can be rigged to not close completely. Master keys can be duplicated and professional thieve target jewelry which is easy to carry and turn into cash.

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Steven Bieber

You gave very good advice on how on how to keep your jewelry safe when traveling. Especially to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage for your jewelry.

Keep it up, great post.

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