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Regardless of the materials used in your jewelry, it is delicate.  Knowing when not to wear jewelry is a key element for taking care of your jewelry.

  • Exercise equipment-smAvoid jewelry when playing sports and gym workouts. We are seeing many bent rings that are the result of being worn while using exercise equipment like weight machines, treadmills, or stationary bikes.
  • Avoid jewelry when working in the garden. Working with bare hands means rings are exposed to dirt and chemicals. Working with gloves can coat the ring with the materials inside the gloves and contact with tools.
  • Avoid jewelry when cleaning home. Cleaning chemicals can have adverse effects on jewelry. Polishing furniture with spray wax means your ring is getting waxed too. Operating vacuum cleaners, carrying buckets, and dusting will have your ring getting dirty and abuse.
  • No-swimmingAvoid jewelry when in water with chlorine (hot tubs, swimming). While some gemstones like diamonds can withstand some chlorine, the metal holding those gemstones can become corroded and too weak to hold the stones.
  • Wait to put on jewelry after make-up, hair spray, hair products, hand cream and perfume which can damage or form a coating on jewelry
  • Dish-washing2Diamonds naturally attract grease. When you put your hand and ring in dishwater, the oils, food, and other materials are going to collect on the ring. Doing dishes also means your hands are encountering hard services like the sink, counter tops and pots & pans.

Think before you wear jewelry and you will avoid many of the problems that can damage or dull your jewelry.




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