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Jewelry InsuredAfter you have purchased that special diamond, there is still one more important step to ensure your future happiness. That step is to adequately insure your diamond against loss or damage. Next to an automobile, many first time diamond buyers find this is the largest personal property purchase of their life.

Things happen that are out of your control, so it’s important to purchase ring insurance for extra peace of mind. It’s also important to sign up for this coverage right away! You have two options when purchasing insurance; you can get an extension or “rider” on your current renters/homeowners insurance, or you can purchase insurance through your jeweler from a third party such as Jewelers Mutual.

Ring rider insurance – Renters or homeowners insurance generally covers items in your home, but does not take into account high value items such as engagement rings. Rider insurance will cover these items for an additional fee. This insurance option is very common and may qualify you for a cheaper rate through customer discounts or because you have multiple types of insurance.

Third party insurance – If you don’t have a renters or homeowners policy, you can purchase insurance through your jeweler. Advantages of this type of insurance include having individuals knowledgeable about insuring jewelry right at your fingertips and more comprehensive coverage that takes into account the unique characteristics of your ring. Both types of insurance require you to submit an appraisal.

Before deciding which policy to purchase, ask the following:

  • Is my ring covered if something happens accidentally? Does it have to be stolen? Is there a reason my ring wouldn’t be replaced?
  • How will my ring be replaced? Do I get a check or do I have to go to a particular jeweler?
  • Do I have to “prove” the ring is missing?
  • Is the full cost of my ring insured?

For a free, no-obligation quote go to where you can enter our Jeweler Code A00108 and get estimated annual premiums based on the retail replacement value of your items, the deductible for each item, and the location of the person who will wear the jewelry.

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Mike S.

Concise and accurate article. As a respected San Francisco Bay Area jeweler for over 50 years, we also strongly recommend insuring valuable personal jewelry, especially diamond engagement rings. We provide appraisals with our diamond purchases specifically for this purpose, and inform each buyer of their options for obtaining insurance through their existing policies or by selecting another policy. While we do not sell insurance ourselves, we do help our clients complete policy documents for Jewelers Mutual and assist them with the process. It is an important step that is frequently overlooked! We also work with insurance agencies to handle insurance replacements for lost, damaged, or stolen jewelry.

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