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Colored Gemstone Jewelry

While we specialize in GIA graded diamonds, we also can supply some of the most beautiful colored gemstones in the country.  If you are looking for that special anniversary or birthday gift, think breathtaking color and beauty for your gift.
Like flowers, colored gemstones come in every color.  Both are produced in nature and evolve into something exquisite.  But, unlike flowers whose beauty fades with time, the beauty of colored gemstones is everlasting.
While ruby, sapphire and emerald are the best known colored gemstones, other gemstones like Tanzanite, spinel, garnet, tourmaline, and peridot can also provide exceptional beauty.
Here are some examples of beautiful colored gemstone rings we have provided clients and our designers can provide just about any style you want.
Colored Gemstones
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Kakadiya Group

Thanks for update information regarding colored gemstone jewellery. It very helpful for me


Looks Awesome.Great Colours & Designs.Are these Lab Grown Diamonds or Mined Ones?

Denny's Reply:

We only sell natural "mined" gemstones and diamonds. We are able to find our clients gemstones with beautiful colors and exceptional cut so are much prettier than you will see in your local jewelry store display cases.

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