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Crater of Diamonds stonesA Gentry woman found a 2.1-caret diamond (similar to those pictured) Saturday at Crater of Diamonds State Park near Murfreesboro.

The diamond is the traditional birthstone for those who were born in the month of April. How perfect that Andrea Murphy of Gentry, Arkansas, found a 2.10-carat brown diamond Saturday, April 6 while she and her family visited the Crater of Diamonds State Park near Murfreesboro to celebrate her birthday.

According to park interpreter Margi Jenks, Murphy and eight of her family members gathered together at the Crater of Diamonds to celebrate a milestone, her 30th birthday. Her mother, Karen, came up with the idea to visit Arkansas’s diamond site and celebrate the occasion here since the diamond is Andrea’s birthstone.

“The square, iced tea brown diamond was a surface find after Andrea had been here for about two hours. At first Andrea thought her find was either a diamond, or some kind of toy. After the park staff verified and registered her diamond, Andrea decided that the best name for it would be the Andrea Birthday Diamond,” Jenks said.

The diamond is the 144th diamond found this year by a park visitor, and it is the sixth diamond since January 1st weighing over one carat.

The diamond was found in the East Drain area of the field, a 37-acre plowed field that is the eroded surface of the eighth largest diamond-bearing deposit in the world in surface area.

It is the world’s only diamond-producing site open to the public. On average, two diamonds are found each day at the park. What park visitors find is theirs to keep. The park staff provides free identification and registration of diamonds.



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