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 Article-2300401-18F7EB1A000005DC-925_634x476Here is a pair of shoes that really are fit for a princess, and with a price tag of more than £276,000, they are the most expensive shoes in the world.

The fairy tale classic court-heeled shoe features more than a quarter of a million pounds worth of white diamonds, making it a one-of-a-kind work of art Worth NZD$500,000, or £276,237.

Simply called ‘the Diamond shoe’, New Zealand designer Kathryn Wilson masterminded the glamorous accessory with the help of Sarah Hutchings of Auckland’s Orsini Fine Jewellery company.


Article-2300401-18F7EC30000005DC-110_306x561The glamorous £276,000 diamond shoe masterminded by Kiwi designer Kathryn Wilson

The creation process involved hours of surgeon-like precision using tweezers and a special adhesive to painstakingly attach the diamonds to the shoe, one by one.

Both wanted to create a shoe that signified the ultimate in designer luxury and embodied the 'Cinderella' fantasy.

It took more than 50 hours to make the exclusive shoes, which are made up of 21.18 carats of quality diamonds, lace, embellishments and a Kathryn Wilson shoe.

Sarah said: 'Kathyrn approached me to work with her on the project for her Winter launch. I loved Kathryn’s work and I have a life long passion for shoes so it seemed perfect.

Article-2300401-18F7F4CC000005DC-616_306x561If you want to be the belle of the ball like Cinderella, then these dazzling shoes will be right up your street

via www.dailymail.co.uk


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Pefrcet shot! Thanks for your post!

London Rings

Woah! That is quite a piece of "fairytale" footwear!

Best wishes, Alex

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