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Vivid Pink Diamond Sells for $10.8 Million

5.00 vivid pink ring-4 Colored diamonds have been making headlines this year and that was the case again at the Christie’s Jewels: The Hong Kong Sale December 1.  A rare, 5-carat Fancy Vivid Pink cushion shaped diamond ring sold for $10.8 million, setting a new record for total price for a pink diamond sold at auction and a new record for price-per-carat at auction.

The pink cushion-cut diamond was set in a platinum and 18-karat rose gold mounting designed by famous jewelers Graff Diamonds with a pair of matched white shield-shaped diamonds.  The pink color is a rich bubblegum hue with even saturation, seldom seen in natural pink colored diamonds.  The pink diamond is also a rare type IIa diamond and the high price reflects not only its exceptional beauty, but also its extreme rarity.

5.00 vivid pink ring-5 Purchased by a private Asian buyer, the exceptional diamond sold for almost double its pre-auction estimated value.  The diamond was strategically auctioned in Hong Kong because China’s retail market is recovering faster than American and European markets.  The Asian market for high-end, big-ticket collectible goods is very aggressive due in part to the optimism of the financial markets in that area.


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I'm hope this optimizm save all from second wave of crisis...

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Well colored Diamonds has been noticed to be latest trend. But Never thought that it will be that much costly..

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hi great article, we have just written about coloured diamonds on our blog because it seems they are coming back into fashion as engagement rings.

M  Alexander

I brought a similar pink diamond and rose gold ring into a repair shop in Wollongong, Australia in 1989 /1990 when the rose gold band broke. When I returned later the shop had shut down and remained so for the week.
When I did find them open, the man initially said the vault was locked and the partner was not around. Then later in the week when the vault got opened, he gave me a small pink glass stone and swore that was what he found in the vault. That was the end of my pink diamond.


Wow! I have no words to describe the thrill. 5 carat fancy pink diamond, I didn't believe there was such thing. I wonder what the intention of the buyer might be...

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That pink diamond is beautiful. Online loose diamonds are more affordable then jewelry store diamonds.

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Colored diamonds are all the rage lately. This pink diamond in particular is very beautiful. Thanks for the post!

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The pink diamond is also a rare type IIa diamond and the high price reflects not only its exceptional beauty, but also its extreme rarity.I am dreaming of owning such beautiful diamond. I really like its colour.

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nice pink diamond ring. Very noticeable. although I think the clear diamonds are still more popular.

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That Pink diamond ring is gorgeous!!
Very different its fabulous!

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Great post and certainly a beautiful diamond. Just curious, are pink diamonds or blue diamonds generally considered more rare/valuable?

Denny's Reply

The value of a diamond will depend on the many factors including the level of color (color grade) and this is especially true for pink or blue fancy colored diamonds. Ranked from top value to lower value, the colors are as follows: Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Gray, Brown

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