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Magnificent Colored Diamond Sale

2.52 carat green diamond Sotheby’s “Magnificent Jewels” sale in Geneva November 17 was a high dollar success for colored diamonds and other colored gemstones but the highlight of the show was a green diamond ring.
Only a few natural green diamonds have been auctioned in recent decades and most of those had bluish or yellowish secondary color, which pointed to the importance of the sale of a 2.52-carat Fancy Vivid green color Cushion Modified Brilliant Cut diamond.  The rare diamond was claw-set in a platinum mounting with yellow gold head.

The cushion modified brilliant cut diamond was graded Fancy Vivid Green color, VS1 clarity, depth 63.9%, table 58%, measurements 8.80 x 7.35 x 4.70 mm, ratio 1.20, Excellent polish, Very Good symmetry, Faint fluorescence, and was laser inscribed “GIA 2106213537.”  While not the highest priced item at the auction, the $3.08 million sale set a world-record for price per carat for a green diamond at auction.

3.17 intense blue diamond Other colored diamonds sales made history too.  A 3.17-carat Fancy Intense blue diamond sold for $2.52 million and set a new world-record for price per carat for an Intense Blue diamond at auction.  The round brilliant cut diamond was set in a simple four-prong platinum mounting.  The natural Fancy Intense blue colored diamond has VVS2 clarity.

Roxburghe Rubies Set The Roxburghe Rubies, a necklace and earring set, sold for $5.77 million, five times the estimated price before the auction.  The necklace contains 24 cushion shaped rubies and 24 cushion-cut diamonds and the set dates back to the late 19th century.  The necklace was the property of Mary, Duchess of Roxburghe and is thought to have been purchased from Garrards by the 5th Earl of Rosebery, as recorded in one of his diary entries.  The necklace is accompanied by its original turquoise velvet fitted case, embellished with the monogram R under a coronet, by R&S Garrard & Co, Goldsmith and Jewellers to The Crown, as well as by the original hand-written documentation detailing the weights of the stones.


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George Zaidmann

The green diamond ring is really a show stopper

white gold diamond earrings

I just love diamonds. These different cuts are really lovely. although my favorite shapes are round and pear shape.

Diamond Color

When shopping for diamonds, you’ll likely come across diamonds that fall into a wide variety of color grades, even though small differences can sometimes be very difficult to discern. Diamond color is just as important as any of the other 4 Cs, so it’s a good idea to be aware of what the different color ratings mean.

Diamond Carat Weight

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rare gems


I just loved to look at the photos of the coloured diamonds that you had displayed. The jewellery was gorgeous. I am a big fan of coloured gems so seeing the coloured diamonds was wonderful.


i agree with diamond coulor be aware of what the different coulor ratings mean

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