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Jewelers Mutual Personal Jewelry Insurance

It happened again today.  A client called us asking for a replacement ring for the lost engagement diamond ring we had sold them.  Unfortunately, they had not protected themselves by getting insurance for their diamond ring.

Jmiclogo Diamond Source of Virginia provides clients a free insurance appraisal with their diamond ring but it is the client’s responsibility to get the ring insured.  Many choose to get a scheduled property rider with their homeowners or renters insurance.  Another great option for jewelry insurance is through Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.

Jewelers Mutual is the leading insurer to specialize in jewelry and jewelry business insurance and has a Personal Jewelry Insurance Program that provides comprehensive coverage for personal jewelry.  The personal jewelry insurance policy provides coverage against the following:

  • Mysterious disappearance
  • Loss
  • Damage
  • Theft
The annual policy premium is based on:
  1. The retail replacement value of each jewelry item you insure
  2. The state/county where the person who possesses the jewelry lives
  3. The optional deductible you choose

If you need to insure your jewelry or just want to compare you current coverage and rates, get your free, no obligation quote and learn about coverage details, visit where you can enter A00108 as the unique Jeweler Code.


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Designer jewelry

Now a days customer are understanding the importance of insurance and its really good.

Vintage Wedding Rings

This is really good.Insurance is really important these days.This would help us to safe our jewelery from theft and loss.Thanks for posting.

Sam Smith

You can purchase diamond rings online. But before buying go through the company's privacy policy and reviews !! Also look for deals and coupons if available!Many online stores have their deals and coupon codes online!!

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