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Special Offers: Diamonds and Diamond Rings

Some of the best values in beautiful diamonds are on the Special Offers page at Diamond Source of Virginia.  Many of these loose diamonds and diamond rings are now at prices hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars below even the regular low prices at Diamond Source of Virginia.  If you are shopping for a diamond or diamond ring, make sure you consider these special values soon.


The following pictures are just a preview of what is currently available.

RD 2.01 ct 6-prong-1 2.01 carat Round Brilliant Cut diamond graded G color and SI1 clarity in 6-prong platinum mounting.

AS 0.94 ct 0.32 tcw Tacori-3 0.94 carat Asscher Cut diamond ring with H color and VS1 clarity set in a Tacori designer mounting with 0.32 tcw channel-set princess and pave-set round diamonds.

RB 2.01 ct 0.96 tcw PS-4 2.01 carat Round Brilliant Cut diamond graded I color and VS1 clarity with 0.96 total carat weight match Pear Shaped Diamonds in three-stone platinum mounting.

RD 1.53-2 1.53 carat Round Brilliant Cut loose diamond graded E color and SI2 clarity.

PR 1.23 ct-4 1.23 carat Princess Cut diamond graded H color and SI1 clarity in a 4-prong solitaire style 14-karat white gold mounting.

OM 4.02-8 4.02 carat Old Mine Cut loose diamond graded J color and SI1 clarity.


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These are really beautiful rings! When money is tight like it is now with the economy, discounts can be the way to go for many people. I am just curious if these rings you have here came/come with a GIA Diamond Grading Report?

This report is necessary when purchasing a diamond ring because it allows you to know exactly what your buying to authenticate the
quality of the 4Cs of the diamond. Literally, all you have to do is ask the jeweler for it when buying the ring. If they can't provide one, you should try and go elsewhere in my own opinion. A good jeweler - the BEST jewelers will always have GIA grading reports to supplement your purchases.

The GIA Diamond Grading Report is an unbiased, accurate, astute and scientific evaluation of diamonds based on the popular 4Cs (carat, cut, clarity and color).

I know there are so many different "grading companies" out there and it can be hard to pick one. When I started looking for an engagement
ring, my married friends told me to use GIA (Gemological Institute of America), and now that I've done my fair share of research, I've realized there is no better option out there.

What I found out about them is that they are an independent and nonprofit organization, and that they are considered the ultimate authority on gemology by the jewelry industry and the US government.

Once I found those facts out, I was sold - hopefully you'll benefit from this info in the same way that I have. I'll never purchase another piece of fine jewelry without a GIA grading report with it.

Check GIA out online if you want more information - www.gia4cs.gia.edu

Again, these rings are quite beautiful. Be a smart and savvy consumer however, and make sure you know precisely what you're getting - ask for a GIA report!!


Denny's Response

You are right on target with your comments about looking for a GIA graded diamond. We continually point out to clients that EGL, IGI, HRD and other laboratories tend to be off 1 to 3 color grades compared to GIA grading so if you really want to know what you are buying, look for a GIA graded diamond. I also want to remind readers that a GIA graded diamond means the diamond was sent to the GIA for grading and has a GIA Diamond Grading Report. That is not the same as some one in a jewelry store who took some classes at the GIA looking at the diamond. Here is a link to an article I wrote about certifications.


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wow!great,i liked those rings looks very elegant.

by: rhianne

Diamond Rings

Thank you for the information you have provided above, it seems very useful.

Roxanne @ diamond rings

The rings are lovely. And thanks for sharing about GIA report. Is this report available in most jewelry shops?

Denny's Response

Unfortunately, most jewelry stores have diamonds graded by EGL, IGI, HRD, and other laboratories or not even graded by a laboratory, which means the grading is likely not as accurate as it would be if sent to the GIA. It is typically the color grading that is off which has a big impact on the value of the diamond. It is common to see diamonds off two color grades so what they are advertising as an I color could well be J, K or L color.

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These are some really beautiful and gorgeous rings. Anyone who set their eyes on these would simply love them.

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Here i am again just want to say i really like your blog.


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These are fantastic pictures, thanks for sharing!

Online Diamond Rings UK

Nowadays, there are many of the loose diamonds & diamond rings are now at prices hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars below even the regular low prices.

Jan Weller

Thank you for all the great info about diamonds. Very informative!

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When you decide to engage with someone special means a beautiful and attractive engagement ring is needed for presenting on the day of engagement rings and diamond ring would be the perfect gift as women love to wear diamond engagement rings.

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