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Synthetic Diamond Terminology

Synthetic-diamond Consumers shopping for diamonds are often confused by some of the terms used to differentiate natural diamonds from diamond produced by man.  Part of the problem stems from marketing strategies that intentionally cloud the issue in an effort to position their project as being different and somehow better than other synthetic diamonds.

At a World Diamond Congress meeting in Shanghai recently, the three major international diamond and jewelry trade organizations agreed on standardized terminology that is acceptable to describe synthetic diamonds.  Those organizations included the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA), and the International Diamond Council (IDC).

According to the new rules, laboratory created gem-quality diamonds can be described by the words: “synthetic”, “laboratory-grown”, “laboratory-created”, or “man-made”. The word “diamond” or “diamonds” must always follow these descriptors.  The term “cultured” is not acceptable to describe gem-quality synthetic diamonds.

With the quality and quantity of synthetic diamonds increasing, the diamond industry is adjusting its diamond grading and marketing processes to allow consumers to make informed decisions about whether to purchase natural or synthetic diamonds.


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