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Pc_156_ct_143_ratio5a_2 For diamond shoppers who like the shape of the emerald cut but would like to have more sparkle, yet not as much as the radiant cut, the PrinceCut diamond shape is a great option.

The PrinceCut, patented by the Avi Paz Group, was designed to be an improvement on the traditional emerald cut.  With 111 facets, compared to the emerald cut’s 57 facets, the PrinceCut has a much greater brightness and fire.  The PrinceCut® received international patents and a U.S. patent in August 2000.

The mesmerizing facet pattern of the PrinceCut diamond produces an ever-changing kaleidoscope of alternating reflections and flashes of rainbow colors.  The rectangular shape is stunning as a solitaire setting but also is beautiful in a three-stone ring.

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