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Old Mine Cut Diamond For Sale

Om_40213smDiamond Source of Virginia has this exceptional 4.02-carat Old Mine Brilliant Cut loose diamond for sale.  This old-fashioned diamond shape has a beautiful facet pattern that produces great brightness, sparkle, and a face-up appearance that is white with lots of fire.

Old Mine cut diamonds have become very hard to find and beautiful diamonds over four carats are becoming very rare.  The shape, also known as the Old Miner, was first cut in the late seventeenth century and was the first shape to have all the facets of the present round diamond, but with a little different size and alignment.  These differences in facet pattern produce the distinct old fashion appearance and charm.  Other names for the Old Mine cut include a Full Cut Brilliant and the Triple Cut.

Om_40214asm The Old Mine Cut got its name from the fact that the diamonds were typically sourced from the old mines located throughout India while most modern diamonds are from the relatively new mines in Africa, Australia, Russia, and Canada.

The specifications for the beautiful diamond are as follows:
Old Mine Brilliant, 4.02 carat, J color, VS1 clarity, depth 60.9%, table 56%, Good polish, Good symmetry, No fluorescence, Large culet, measurements 10.45 x 9.91 x 6.04 mm, and ratio 1.05 (EGL Diamond Certificate US 45000001D dated 2/38/07)

Om_40210sm Pictures of this diamond do not capture its true beauty.  This is one of those unique diamonds you have to see to appreciate.  If you are looking for one of these rare and old-fashioned Old Mine Cut diamonds, give the folks at Diamond Source of Virginia a call at 888-477-8385 and they will be happy to tell you more about this diamond.  This is your chance to own a beautiful piece of history.


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I think this is the most common diamond cut. This cut is really elegant.

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The old mine cut is very common diamond cut and most of people are using for the cutting diamond. This is one of those unique diamonds we have to see to appreciate. Really by using the old mine cut we making the wonderful diamond.


Wonderful post. Pictures of this diamond do not capture its true beauty. A perfect gift for your daughter’s 18th birthday, stylish yet elegant. These diamond earning will certainly bring spark in her eyes.

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