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Gemesis Working on Other Colors of Synthetic Diamonds

Gemesisdiamond_2Gemesis, the Florida-based synthetic diamond company, currently only produces the laboratory grown diamonds in yellow and orange colors.  The company is working on production techniques to produced pink and blue synthetic diamonds.  It hopes to have that process developed by the end of this year.  Gemesis is also working on process that would eventually allow it to grow white diamond crystals in the 5 to 10 carat range that are in greater demand worldwide.  These larger sized synthetic diamonds are probably at least three years away from commercial production.

Gemesis has recently updated their web site to provide educational information about their company and synthetic diamonds, including the jewelry brands carrying Gemesis Cultured Diamonds.

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Lab created diamonds

I've read about Gemesis a lot. What I like about this company is its dynamics of development. Scientists are working hard to improve the technology and to expand the rage of products, I mean diamonds of course. Yellow and cognac, then blue and pink, I think with such a range Gemesis pretends to become a leader among created diamonds manufacturers. Moreover, years of production proved Gemesis to be a reputable company. I think this company is worth to be trusted including their created diamonds first of all.

Richard Bohlin

I am looking for an uncut synthetic diamond for my synthetic minerals collection. please advise as to price and availability.

Thank You,

Richard Bohlin

Denny's Reply:

Since we only sell natural diamonds, we do not work work with any synthetic diamond manufacturers. You might have the best luck contacting the manufacturers directly because retailers are only going to have the polished stones.

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