493-Carat Diamond Named “Letseng Legacy”
84.37-Carat Choloe Diamond

4.38-Carat Discovered in Arkansas

Craterchad_johnson_438_ctChad Johnson moved to Murfreesboro, Arkansas from Iowa in February.  Unlike most visitors to Crater of Diamonds State Park who are tourist, Chad has been trying to support himself based on the diamonds he finds at the park.  He has found about 80 diamonds thus far but Monday’s discovery of a 4.38-carat tea-colored diamond was his biggest find.

As is common practice at Crater of Diamonds, visitors sift through dirt to separate out the collectable gemstones and minerals, always with the hope of finding a big diamond.  Chad had put his sifting equipment in a locker when he finished digging Saturday but discovered the cube-shaped diamond stuck in his sifter when he started his dig on Monday.

While diamonds are mined every day in countries around the world, Crater of Diamonds State Park as the only location open to the public.  Since 1972, visitors have been able to keep the gems they discover in the park.  The park officials make every effort to help the visitors by plowing up fields to expose fresh soil but it still takes a hard work, patience and considerable luck to find diamonds, especially as big as the 4.38-carat.


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Love your blog!! I'm going over during my spring break to try my luck!! I've always wanted to do this, so I can't wait!


Anyone who thinks a dimonad of any size is too small is being materialistic. The dimonad in my ring is far smaller than 1/4 carat, but he gave it to me, he loves me, and that's all I care about. If there are people who make negative comments, just smile politely and change the subject! But I would imagine the majority of your family and friends wouldn't say such a thing. Enjoy your ring, I'm sure it's beautiful )

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