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Jewelers Dislike Online Diamond Retailers

Jewelrystoreredcircle I am always fascinated to hear how traditional jewelers view online diamond retailers.  A recent article in Richmond’s “West End’s Best” magazine contained comments from a local jeweler who is striving to provide a stress-free experience for his customers.  The jeweler suggests that customers should research online before making a big purchase and taking time to learn the 4 C’s of diamonds (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) beforehand can help when it comes time to purchase a diamond.  The jeweler then says it is important to find an independent jeweler with a knowledgeable staff whom the customer can trust. He then urges customer not to purchase diamonds on the Internet.

What I find intriguing is the jeweler’s advice seems targeted at what is best for his store, not necessarily what is best for the diamond shopper.  Look at each point of his advice.

  1. Do Research Online – If a retailer truly thinks providing extensive diamond education is important, they should show that with actions.  The jeweler’s web site only has a few paragraphs on diamond education.  Diamond Source of Virginia has hundreds of pages of diamond education and shopping advice.  We think actions speak louder than words as to who believes diamond education benefits diamond shoppers.
  2. Find Independent Jeweler – Only an independent jeweler suggests using an independent jeweler so that is no surprise.  What the jeweler failed to say is why he thinks an independent jeweler is better.  Our clients tell us that most jewelry-store employees seem to have little knowledge about diamonds.  We call them tag readers and they are certainly all too common in chain stores.  The problem with any jewelry “store” is that the people behind the counter will say or do anything to sell what they have in their display cases, even if it is not what their customer really wants or deserves.
  3. Do No Buy On the Internet – Of course a jewelry store owner encourages customer not to buy online.  Since shoppers can get a bigger, better diamond and a lower price online, jewelry stores can only use made-up fear tactics to combat online competitors.  Telling you not to purchase from an online retailer and giving no reason for that statement is self-serving for the jewelry store but is it really the best advice for the diamond shopper?

Diamond Source of Virginia believes that diamond shoppers deserve the best diamond education possible and we strive to provide that via our web site, email, telephone, and in person support.  We believe diamond shoppers should have access to diamond experts to answer questions and search for the best diamond in the country that meets the client’s requirements.  We believe diamond shoppers deserve not only exceptional service but also exceptionally low prices so we keep overhead very low so our prices can be very low. 

It is no wonder that jewelry stores hate the word Internet because it enables Diamond Source of Virginia to compete as a premier diamond retailer not only in the Richmond, Virginia but also nationwide and internationally.

More Bling For Your Buck

Our local clients in the Richmond area often tell us Diamond Source of Virginia is Richmond’s Best Kept Secret but that is starting to change.  WWBT, the local NBC Channel 12 station, has a weekly consumer investigative report called “On Your Side.”  Their special consumer reports alert local viewers on how to save money, avoid consumer troubles, and get help with problems.


The “On Your Side” staff discovered Diamond Source of Virginia in June while doing online research of area businesses.  They called to ask if they could come out for an interview and the following video shows the findings of their research, discussions with clients, and on site interview.

The word is spreading quickly throughout Richmond, as well as nationwide, that Diamond Source of Virginia is the premier retailer of exceptional loose diamonds and spectacular diamond rings of all styles.