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Teenage Girls Finds 2.93-carat Diamond

Craternicole_ruhter When walking in a field of diamonds, it pays to keep your eyes open and alert.  That was definitely the case for Nicole Ruhter of Butler, Missouri who recently discovered a 2.93-carat light-brown colored diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park.  Walking the path that hundreds had walked, she noticed a little shine and a “broken pyramid” shape sticking out of the ground.

Nicole, her parents, grandparents, brother and sister has spent the day digging but Nicole’s sharp eyes made her the lucky one.  As is the custom for larger diamonds found at Crater of Diamonds, the finder names the diamond.  In Nicole’s case, she decided on “Pathfinder Diamond” because of finding it on the path.  She plans to keep the diamond for a while and then will probably get it appraised and offer it for sale.

Crater293_diamond The 2.93-carat diamond was the largest of the 332 diamonds found at Crater of Diamonds so far this year.  On average, park visitors find about two diamonds per day at Crater of Diamonds State Park, which is the world’s only diamond production area where the public can keep the diamonds they find.

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