Laboratory-Grown Diamonds: EGL USA Update
GIA Synthetic-Diamond Grading Report

IGI Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report

Igilogo_2 After decades of researching synthetic diamonds, The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has implemented their new Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading System.  The IGI has been developing and testing the system for more than a year.

The new grading report has a different format compared to the IGI’s grading reports for natural polished diamonds.  The report provides an explanation and definition of synthetic diamonds and specifically identifies the type of synthetic origin. IGI requires that all synthetic diamonds it grades this way have the laser inscription containing the words “Laboratory-Grown.”

The purpose of using the term laboratory-grown and the information on synthetic diamonds on the new reports is the IGI’s attempt to better educate consumers and provide accurate and reliable product information on the lab-grown diamonds entering the marketplace.


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