IGI Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report
UN Continues Liberian Diamond Embargo

GIA Synthetic-Diamond Grading Report

Gialogo_1 In June, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) informed the World Diamond Congress in Tel Aviv, Israel that the GIA Laboratory intended to grade synthetic diamonds.  There was overwhelming agreement by the diamond industry that synthetic diamonds should be graded so that consumers would receive proper disclosure when the lab-grown diamonds enter the marketplace.  However, there has been months of heated debate over what language should be used to described synthetic diamonds.

The producers of synthetic diamonds feared consumers would perceive the word “synthetic” to be the same as fake or simulated diamonds.  The providers of natural diamonds wanted language that would clearly differentiate lab-grown diamonds from diamonds mined from the earth.

GiasyntheticreportThe GIA’s new Synthetic Colored Diamond Grading Report clearly identifies the diamond as laboratory-grown and refers to the man-made origin four times.  The new report also uses grading terminology to describe color and clarity that is different than is used for natural diamonds on their traditional reports.

The GIA instead will laser inscribe "laboratory grown" on diamonds produced in a lab that do not already have an inscription with Federal Trade Commission-approved language such as "man-made," "lab grown" and branded names such as "Chatham created.”  The producers of synthetic diamonds have stated that all their diamonds will be laser inscribed with some type of synthetic nomenclature but the GIA will ensure that all synthetic diamonds will be laser inscribed with proper disclosure.

The GIA Laboratory will begin accepting lab-grown diamonds for grading using the new reports on January 1, 2007.


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