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The beauty and brilliance of diamonds has been admired throughout history. However, in past centuries their use was reserved strictly for royalty. Today, thanks to remarkable diamond substitutes like Cubic Zirconia, almost anyone can afford to dapper up their accessory collection with dazzling, eye-catching jewelry.

Because Cubic Zirconia is the finest synthetic stone, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a diamond and a well-cut Cubic Zirconia without the assistance of magnification. Since it does not contain any of the impurities or flaws normally found in diamonds, Cubic Zirconia usually present more sparkle and clarity than a diamond. While they are not quite as hard as diamonds, they are still much harder than most other gemstones.

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Learn more about Cubic Zironia at http://www.diamondsourceva.com/Education/ArtificialDiamonds/diamonds-cubic-zirconia.asp


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I got a ring as a gift and the description brags that "even the trained eye can't tell it's not a diamond" making it sound as if it were a lab created diamond. I'm a little confused on what the stones are in my ring because it says it's a "simulate diamond" and from the research ive done simulated is just a fancy word for cubic zirconia . I really don't have a problem with lab created diamonds, if that's what my ring is that's fine, however I have an issue with being tricked by the wording and I have a feeling what I have is really a cubic zirconia. Can you help me out please? I emailed the company asking them to clarify what "simulated" means as well as asking them what the stones in my ring are but got no response. This is my ring as advertised online, it's beautiful, I would just like to know what it is.

Looking forward to your response

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