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New Special Offers

Check out some of the new Special Offers we have available at Diamond Source of Virginia.

PR-1.15-E-VS2-1Princess cut diamond with 1.15-carat weight graded E color, VS2 clarity, depth 72.0%, table 74%, Very Good polish, Good symmetry, No fluorescence, measurements 5.87 x 5.79 x 4.17 mm, ratio 1.01 (ref: GIA 14278752, dated 5/26/2017, laser inscribed “GIA 14278752”)

DSCN7571smRound brilliant cut diamond with 2.66-carat weight and graded I color, SI1 clarity, depth 60.5%, table 56%, Excellent polish, Excellent symmetry, No fluorescence, measurements 9.01 x 9.06 x 5.47 mm (ref: GIA 12789921, dated 11/15/2004)

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Beautiful Asscher Cut Diamond Ring Added to Special Offers

AS 1.51 ct 0.28 AD-18We have added this beautiful Asscher cut diamond ring to our list of special offers.

Diamond Ring with a 1.51-carat square emerald (Asscher) cut diamond graded E color, VS2 clarity, depth 69.7%, table 57%, Excellent polish, Excellent symmetry, No fluorescence, measuring 6.45 x 6.21 x 4.33 mm with a ratio of 1.03 (ref: GIA 16938804, dated 03/31/2008) set in a split-prong custom platinum mounting (Stamped “PLAT”) with a total of 18 pave-set round diamonds (0.28 total carat weight) going half way down the top of the 2.1 mm wide shank.

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Breathtaking Diamond Necklaces

DSCN4660smFor that special birthday or anniversary, a diamond necklace can be a breathtaking gift.


The classic graduated necklace can be custom made to your desired length and with the total carat weight and quality of diamonds to meet your requirements and budget.


DSCN4672smThe necklace has small diamonds starting in the back that get larger as they pass the neck and have the largest diamonds at the very front.


DSCN4675smA side push-button clasp with side-clasp security feature ensures the necklace stays on the neck.


If a diamond necklace is on your wish list, give us a call at 888-477-8385 and tell us what you want.  We can provide recommendations for the necklace that meets your requirements and budget.


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Emerald and Trillion 3-Stone Diamond Ring for Sale

Emerald Cut 1.32 ct 1.42 ratio 0.46 TRIL AD-1smWe just added a beautiful three-stone diamond ring to our Special Offers section of our website. This ring has a 1.32 carat emerald cut center diamond with 0.46 total carat weight side trillion cut diamonds set in a custom 14-karat gold three-stone mounting with white gold modified baskets and yellow gold shank. The modified baskets allow a wedding band to fit flush with the engagement ring.

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 Emerald Cut 1.32 ct 1.42 ratio 0.46 TRIL AD-2sm

Emerald Cut 1.32 ct 1.42 ratio 0.46 TRIL AD-12sm

Emerald Cut 1.32 ct 1.42 ratio 0.46 TRIL AD-17sm


Five Row Diamond Bracelet is Light and Flexible


Bracelet RB  3.90 tcw BA-3smThis unique 5-row diamond bracelet is just one of the items we have for sale on our website at Diamond Special Offers

The bracelet has 253 round brilliant-cut diamonds having 3.90 total carat weight set in a variety of different shaped bezel-set and pave-set mountings on a chain-mesh five-row 18-karat white-gold bracelet that is 18 centimeters (approximately 7 1/8 inches) long and 16 millimeters (approximately 5/8 inch) wide with diamond covered box-style clasp (stamped “750” and “69319”).

Bracelet RB  3.90 tcw BA-5smThe unique setting style makes the bracelet appear to have much larger diamonds with difference shapes while allowing the brilliance and sparkle of the round diamonds and the lower price provided by using smaller diamonds.

Bracelet RB  3.90 tcw BA-7The bracelet is soft and flexible so fits comfortably around the wrist.  The diamond covered clasp is almost impossible to see when closed.

Diamond Special Offers

Special Diamond and Diamond Ring Offers

We get many clients telling us they want to find a great “deal” on a diamond or diamond ring.  They know we already have some of the lowest prices in the country on the items we find based on their specific requirements, but some are more interested in finding the best deal than they are of finding something specific.

The first place I tell them to look is our Special Offers page on our website.  These are special items that we are brokering for clients and they are priced at very competitive prices and most are priced well below what the current replacement value would be.  In other words, you get great quality and a great price because the clients have lowered the price to sell.

Here are some photos of some beautiful diamond rings in our Special Offers section you should check out today.

Round Ring 2.51 ct 0.32 tcw pave ADRD 1.78 H VVS2 Ring RD 1.26 F SI1 Tacori-JPG Asscher Ring 1.02 ct 0.33 tcw RD RL

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Special Offer: Cushion 1.02 H VS1 Pave Diamond Ring

CU 1.02 H VS1 0.34 halo-1The Special Offers section on our web site is a place we highlight beautiful diamonds, rings, and jewelry items that we are brokering for clients.  The most recent item we have included in the Special Offers section is a beautiful 1.02 carat Cushion cut diamond ring a custom platinum mounting with pave halo and shank.

CU 1.02 H VS1 0.34 halo-2The Cushion Modified Brilliant cut diamond has 1.02-carat weight, H color, VS1 clarity, depth 68.8%, table 58%, Excellent polish, Very Good symmetry, No fluorescence, measuring 5.83 x 5.63 x 3.87 mm, ratio 1.04 (ref: GIA 5126089713, dated 04/22/2011, laser inscribed "GIA 5126089713") and is prong set in a custom platinum halo style mounting (stamped "PLAT") with 50 pave-set round brilliant-cut diamonds (0.34 total carat weight, graded H color and VS clarity) going around the center stone and three quarters the way down the top of the 1.5 mm wide shank.

CU 1.02 H VS1 0.34 halo-3Check our web site at Special Offers: 1.02 Cushion Ring for current pricing of this gorgeous diamond ring and give us a call if you have any questions.

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