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Diamond Earrings for Valentines or Your Special Anniversary

RB 2.24 tcw-3If you are looking for an exceptional gift for Valentine’s Day or a Special Anniversary, consider diamond earrings.  We find that our clients who have round diamond stud earrings wear them every day as they look great in the office, at a party, shopping and running errands, or when wearing jeans at home.


RB 2.11 tcw 3-prong-2The secret to beautiful diamond earrings is to get diamonds with the best cut possible to maximize their brilliance, fire and sparkle.  We seek round GIA graded diamonds with Excellent GIA cut grade and Excellent HCA (Holloway Cut Advisor) ratings to provide dazzling diamonds seldom every seen in a jewelry store.


To keep the focus on the diamond we recommend three-prong “Martini (cocktail) style” mountings and for security we recommend Versa posts and Guardian™ clutch backs.  Most lost earrings are due to faulty friction or screw backs so the clutch style of backs is superior.

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Beautiful Asscher Cut Diamond Ring Added to Special Offers

AS 1.51 ct 0.28 AD-18We have added this beautiful Asscher cut diamond ring to our list of special offers.

Diamond Ring with a 1.51-carat square emerald (Asscher) cut diamond graded E color, VS2 clarity, depth 69.7%, table 57%, Excellent polish, Excellent symmetry, No fluorescence, measuring 6.45 x 6.21 x 4.33 mm with a ratio of 1.03 (ref: GIA 16938804, dated 03/31/2008) set in a split-prong custom platinum mounting (Stamped “PLAT”) with a total of 18 pave-set round diamonds (0.28 total carat weight) going half way down the top of the 2.1 mm wide shank.

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Breathtaking Diamond Necklaces

DSCN4660smFor that special birthday or anniversary, a diamond necklace can be a breathtaking gift.


The classic graduated necklace can be custom made to your desired length and with the total carat weight and quality of diamonds to meet your requirements and budget.


DSCN4672smThe necklace has small diamonds starting in the back that get larger as they pass the neck and have the largest diamonds at the very front.


DSCN4675smA side push-button clasp with side-clasp security feature ensures the necklace stays on the neck.


If a diamond necklace is on your wish list, give us a call at 888-477-8385 and tell us what you want.  We can provide recommendations for the necklace that meets your requirements and budget.


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Gorgeous Diamond Bracelets

DSCN6023smIf a diamond bracelet is on your wish list, we would be happy to custom make the style and quality you want.  The secret to a durable and beautiful bracelet is to start with quality workmanship in the mounting and clasp and then add diamonds with exceptional cut parameters to optimize brightness, fire and sparkle. 

DSCN4645smThe classic diamond tennis bracelet comes in many styles and can be custom made to different lengths, total carat weight, and quality of diamonds.  If you tell us what style you want and your budget, we can recommend options that best meet your requirements.
Bracelet RB  3.90 tcw BA-3smIf you are wanting something different than the classic diamond tennis bracelet, we can provide a variety of different styles that are beautiful and unique.
BezAmbar7.55-2smDo not think you must settle for the low quality (probably made in China) but expensive bracelets you see in jewelry stores.  You can have a bracelet with exceptional workmanship and quality diamonds that are sure to become family heirlooms for generations to come.
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Beautiful Round Diamond Earrings

RB 2.24 tcw-3smWe provide stunning round diamond earrings because we sell GIA graded diamonds with Excellent GIA cut grade.  It is the brilliance, fire and sparkle of diamond earrings that produces their beauty and sets them apart from the low quality, poorly cut diamond typically sold in jewelry stores.

For round diamond earring mountings, we recommend 14-karat white gold three-prong Martini style mountings with Versa posts and Guardian™ clutch backs.  We find these to be the best looking, most comfortable and most secure types of mounting and backs.

If you are thinking of shopping for diamond earrings, give us a call and we will find the best diamonds meeting your budget or carat weight requirements.

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Emerald and Trillion 3-Stone Diamond Ring for Sale

Emerald Cut 1.32 ct 1.42 ratio 0.46 TRIL AD-1smWe just added a beautiful three-stone diamond ring to our Special Offers section of our website. This ring has a 1.32 carat emerald cut center diamond with 0.46 total carat weight side trillion cut diamonds set in a custom 14-karat gold three-stone mounting with white gold modified baskets and yellow gold shank. The modified baskets allow a wedding band to fit flush with the engagement ring.

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 Emerald Cut 1.32 ct 1.42 ratio 0.46 TRIL AD-2sm

Emerald Cut 1.32 ct 1.42 ratio 0.46 TRIL AD-12sm

Emerald Cut 1.32 ct 1.42 ratio 0.46 TRIL AD-17sm


Ready for a change for your engagement ring?

We have many clients who purchased their engagement rings from us years ago who come back to us wanting an upgrade for their ring.  Often getting a larger diamond is just not economical in terms of making a noticeable change.  Changing the mounting style can provide a new look for those ready for a change.

RA 1.13 w .60 tcw Traps white 1.33 ratio - 1smFor example, in 2005 one of our clients purchased the three-stone diamond engagement ring pictured below.  The ring had a beautiful 1.13 carat radiant cut center diamond and brilliant-cut trapezoid side diamonds.


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This year they came back to looking for suggestions on how to update the look of the ring.  We suggested a new mounting with Blaze Cut diamonds on the shank and a modified basket style that accommodates a flush fitting wedding band.  They added a matching Blaze Cut diamond band for a great new look using their original radiant and trapezoid diamonds.

RA 1.13 Trap 0.60 tcw Blaze 0.56 tcw-1smSee more “after” pictures and description.

If you are ready for a change for your ring, we would be happy to provide you suggestions that will please your eye and your wallet.  Call today 804-360-7428


Bez Ambar Designer - Blaze Ring of Light

  Bez Ambar Blaze Ring of Light RingOne of our favorite designers, Bez Ambar, has designed and patented the Blaze cut diamond.  He is now introducing a several new lines of diamond rings, pendants, and earrings using this unique and beautiful diamond shape.

Blaze Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2lkCqnkck8

The "Ring of Fire" is a new design with Blaze cut diamonds for a round center from three to seven carats.  While the picture is great, the actual ring is beyond incredible.

The ring takes Blaze cut from .12 to .25 points depending on the center stone and can be made half way or all the way around.  Matching band is also available.

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Oval Cut Pendant: 52.21 tcw Ovals and 10.23 carat Pear Shaped Diamond

Necklace 52.21 tcw OV 10.23 Pear-2

The gorgeous diamond necklace has 41 graduated ovals brilliant cut diamonds (52.21 total carat weight, D/E color and at least SI1 clarity) and one pear shaped diamond (10.23 carat weight, D color, SI1 clarity) are prong-set in custom platinum basket-style necklace mounting.

The oval diamonds range from about 0.70 carat weight diamonds at the clasp, to one carat diamonds at the sides, increasing to two carat diamonds next to the five carat oval at the bottom. The extension part of the necklace includes a three oval segment that detaches form the main necklace and the pear shaped pendant that can be detached from the extension.

Necklace 52.21 tcw OV 10.23 Pear-4The main oval necklace can be worn with the five carat as the drop or can be worn with the extension and the 10.23 carat pear shaped diamond as the drop. The 10.23 carat pear shaped diamond can also be worn as a solitaire pendant attached to a chain or other style necklace. This design provides greater flexibility and allows the components to be worn at a variety of events and levels of formality.

Necklace 52.21 tcw OV 10.23 Pear-5The diamonds are all GIA graded diamonds with GIA laser inscriptions, handpicked for minimal bow ties and maximum brightness and sparkle.

 Each diamond has also been Gemprinted, meaning that each diamond has had its unique GEMPRINT� (optical "fingerprint" of the diamond) entered into the International Gemprint Registry.

 This is the type of world-class necklace that one would expect to see at the famous auction houses, on the red carpet worn by a celebrity, or in the showcases of the top international jewelers. We are proud that Diamond Source of Virginia could provide our client with this stunning necklace with high quality, exquisite beauty, and at a fraction of what a brand name luxury jeweler would charge.

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