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Cora International to Unveil Blue Moon Diamond in Los Angeles - JCK

By Logan Sachon, Social Media Journalist

Posted on September 4, 2014
The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County will host the unveiling of Cora International’s Blue Moon Diamond on Sept. 13.

The diamond will be on display at the museum until Jan. 6, 2015. 

12 ct Blue Moon DiamondThe 12 ct. stone is owned by Cora International, the diamond-cutting company. It purchased the 29.6 ct. rough stone from Petra Diamonds in February for $25.6 million and have since cut it down.

29.62-rough-blue-diamondThe diamond was unearthed by Petra in January from the Cullinan mine in South Africa. 




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Wow! these are wonderful tips. Thanks for sharing them with us.


hi, thanks for this very nice and interesting post. I like your writing style, it’s quite unique.


These diamonds really look amazing its stylish color was just attractive to see so there was lots more on Cullinan mine in South Africa and am waiting to buy it.

Ammy Wilson

This diamond really very beautiful..

Nayan Mehta, QualityDiam bvba

Hi! Great Info-Blog. Very interesting formation on high value Gemstones.

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