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December 18, 2010


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What about AGS ( certificates? In my experience, and from things I've heard from other people, they can be even more strict than the GIA.

Denny's Reply
We find the AGS tends to be off in color so they are generally priced less on the wholesale market than a GIA graded diamond with the same specifications on the grading report.


Thank you for posting this! I am starting to shop for rings and have heard a lot of conflicting info about different labs, but the one thing I hear consistently again and again is that GIA has the strictest standards and is the most respected in the industry. So I guess my mind is made up--not buying a diamond unless it is GIA-certified.


Great article. You should post more often. At Max's Diamond Price Guide - - we provide different suggested retail prices for the In Store and the Internet markets, as well as different prices based on the Grading lab. With GIA grading much more than the majority of fine diamonds available for retail sale, it is clearly recognized as the leader and your customers will not go wrong taking your advice!


Hallelujah! I keep seeing other people trying to justify the use of other labs. Why would you ever want a diamond that is not GIA-certified? They have the strictest grading standards, they are the most reliable and trustworthy, and they invented the 4 C's in the first place! I would never buy a diamond that did not come with a GIA grading report. Not worth the risk!


thanks for great article


I just finished reading your post and have been wondering exactly how far all of the companies vary in their grading.

One question I have, did the original from the EGL and the new one he got for the GIA? Or are the numbers you using estimates from your experiences and knowledge?

I have looked and asked all over for somebody that can actually furnish reports from the GIA and EGL for the same diamond.

Denny's Reply

This was one diamond going to two different labs and you can see the results. We see this fairly often and the results are much the same in every situation. We even see diamonds listed in wholesaler's inventories where it is the same diamond but listed twice, once for each grading laboratory.


Very intersting. I love learning more about diamond jewelry.


Thank you for the great article..I am happy because i am going there for a certificate course..I guess i will be trained well.

Eddie R Runner

Thanks for sharing the post..I would also love to join a school of such type.

Diamond Jeweller

GIA is rapidly emerging as the premier diamond grading lab and what is good is that it is internationally recognised too. It is also becoming an established brand in its own right too. It makes selling diamonds to customers easier as they can have more certainty about what they are buying.


Wow, thought there would be a difference but 3 grades in colour and 3 relating to diamond cut is most surprising. Suppose you pay for what you get. Stll think there is aknowledge gap amongst the general public, the view is a certificate is a certificate.

John Peter

Excellent Article about GIA certified Loose Diamonds.


Well said. People need to understand that it is a different grading altogether. You can read about it also here:

Janine W. Nelson-Alfke

I am a Graduate Gemologist from none other than GIA. There really is no other school. GIA has always produced high quality graduates because they practice what they preach. Integrity is everything and once you lose it you cannot gain it back.

antique engagement rings

Great blog..... gia's are the standard!

certified diamond earrings

This blog information is totally new for me. But overall is very interesting i like it.

Chris Hughbanks

I am the marketing director for Citadel Diamond Group. We have noticed in our sells that the majority request GIA, not EGL. When talking to our jewelers, each one says that EGL allows too many imperfections.

Arpan R Shah

Hello Sir,
I dont think so that igi & gia are much differ.
as in rescent cases from last 3-6 months gia grading has been worst of all time.
also it takes 30-45 working days for grading thats ridiculous.
thiers not much difference in all grading institutes,exceptonal cases happens.

Buying a Diamond

Great post! Been reading about this a lot lately. Thanks for the info!

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