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"Once in a Blue Moon" Diamond Collection

For colored diamond lovers, the annual Rio Tinto Argyle Pink Diamond Tender is the highlight of the year.  A select number of special pink diamonds are offered for sale and attract top prices from “by invitation only” buyers worldwide.

Blue diamond heart While it is hard to beat the beauty and rarity of the pink diamond sale, this year might be the exception.  Reo Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine has announced the upcoming sale of a unique “Once in a Blue Moon” collection of blue diamonds.  The collection will be shown to select, invited buyers during viewings in Perth, Hong Kong and Tokyo leading up to final bids closing on April 8.

Josephine Archer, Sales and Marketing Manager for Argyle Pink Diamonds, noted, “We are excited to showcase our first ever collection of precious blue and violet Argyle diamonds, sourced from several years of production at the mine.  It is an enchanting collection that will appeal to connoisseurs and collectors alike.”

The “Once in a Blue Moon” collection will include a variety of colors, single cuts, matched pairs, and smaller diamonds.  This event will no doubt raise the awareness of blue diamonds worldwide even though only a limited number of people will see the actual collection.


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I wonder what size these collections of blue diamonds are....

M M Alexander

I purchased in a pawn shop, a small pink diamond set in rose gold a few years ago in Australia. The brilliance of the diamond was such that people across the lawn or the street would be amazed at the refractions. The band broke, I brought in the ring to a jewelry shop to be fixed and the store never returned my diamond, and weeks afterward returned a tiny pink sapphire in its place. I still think about that diamond.

Wedding Band

This is a truly wonderful piece of blue diamond. I had once wanted to buy a pink diamond but then decided against it. :)


Really interesting one, i much appreciate. Thanks for sharing the information.

Peridot Gem

Gemstone has been used by ancient time. It is uses with different colors different metals and also different colors. A look of a Peridot Gem its eye catching. wear this stone for yourself.

tungsten carbide rings

i just ask how much is this kind of gemstone? is it expensive or not?


antique diamond jewelery

Its so interesting,appreciate it,nice article =D


pink diamonds are very rare and therefore very expensive, been reading here ( https://thediamondsareforever.blogspot.com/2009/09/pink-diamonds-interesting-facts-and.html ) that 90% of pink diamonds comes from Argyle mine. Is this true?

Denny's Response:
Yes, the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia is the primary source of pink diamonds. Here is the link to their web site:


wow! such a precious one. I wonder if there is one a very nice setting for a ring. I've been looking online and have found some that are incredibly expensive. While some companys offer some great deals but I haven't found a blue one.

Diamond Jewellery

Some people used gemstone diamond in ancient times. A select number of special pink diamonds are offered for sale and attract top prices from “by invitation only” buyers worldwide.


Hey, that's a clever way of thniknig about it.


Clear, inofrmtiave, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

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