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June 15, 2008


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Actually I found out the hard way that uncertified diamonds are more expensive.

Let me explain.

I went onto the net and found a couple of sites and price guides, every where I looked I was told do not buy with out a certificate.

But we went into a web site operators at there office who showed us five different stones and certificates. And unfortunately we got talked into bringing a diamond in from another country. Because "it would be so much cheaper".
So we put down a deposit and we waited nine days for the stone to arrive.

Firstly the stone arrived with out the certificate which we were told it had.
The stone was given a Certificate of Authenticity which is really and in house certificate.
I then was a little concerned as the colour did not look as white as my sisters stone which is supposedly the same colour??
So we took it to another local laboratory in Melbourne who told us that this was not the right grade and that he saw this all the time with the stones coming from this internet seller.
Well we are stuffed, we are now at fair trading and we won't win because there is no protection for stupidity we will sell the stone and move on. My wife no longer wants the thing anyway.

It has cost me money, time , heart ache and for what 1200 dollars on a 9575.00 dollar ring.

Listen people buy only from your jeweller with all necessary paper work. And make sure you do not pay till you have it all.uncertified diamonds are more expensive.

Denny's Reponse

It is ironic that the laboratory said an internet-retailer was promoting non-certified diamonds. Here in the United States the situation is just the opposite. Online diamond retailers almost exclusively sell certified diamonds. It is the jewelry stores that have non-certified diamonds in their inventory and are promoting those as the “cheaper” alternative.

We have clients tell us weekly that they were shopping at local jewelry stores and told that diamonds were GIA certified but the jeweler did not have a copy of the certification. They were told they would get one after the sale. While it is often the case that diamond wholesalers do not provide the original certification until the diamond is purchased, a retailer should always be able to provide a copy of the certification for a diamond they have in their store. If the retailer cannot provide a copy of the certification, the diamond is probably not graded by the GIA.


Oh my gosh, that sounds so shady. It's not worth trying to save money by not purchasing a grading report. In the long run, having an accurate grading report will save you money because you won't overpay for a stone that was graded too loosely or too favorably. I would never buy a diamond without a GIA report--that's one thing I'm learning through all my research. GIA is reliable, respectable, trustworthy, and most importantly, accurate in their grading. To me, that is certainly worth the price of a grading report.

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