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67.1 Carat Diamond Found

Diamond Plates for Arkansas

Diamondlicenseplate Diamonds are in the news again in Arkansas as Governor Mike Huckabee introduced the new license plate design featuring a diamond.  Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas is the only diamond mine in the country where people can dig up diamonds.  The diamond plate is not a specialty license plate but is the official design

The Natural State is the official nickname for Arkansas and was officially adopted by the legislature in 1995 to highlight the "...unsurpassed scenery, clear lakes, free-flowing streams, magnificent rivers meandering bayous, delta bottomlands, forested mountains, and abundant fish and wildlife." This nickname replaced the official Land of Opportunity nickname following the slogan Arkansas Is a Natural that was used to promote tourism and outdoor recreation.  The diamond seems well suited for The Natural State because they are simply picked up out of the plowed fields at the Crater of Diamonds mine.

Until a few years ago, when diamond mining began along the Colorado-Wyoming border, the Crater of Diamonds area in Arkansas was the nation’s only diamond mining area.  There is an innate intrigue with the thought of picking up a diamond off the ground and knowing you can keep it that keeps thousands of visitors coming to the Crater of Diamonds State Park every year.


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